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I create lyrical worlds, where tribulations are perceived with inspiring humor, fetishes embraced with open arms, thoughts are symbolic, dreams are always infinite, and an ideal world is possible. In many ways, my paintings compose a diary of my everyday life and aspirations, expressing fears and joys that are personal but, at the same time, universal to the current consciousness.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It takes Time to build a Dream

Castles in the Sky by Ting Yuen

Happy New Year!!

You know what they say the older you get the faster time will fly. Well, I am in my mid 40's now and time  is not just zooming by in lightning speed, it's non existent! It makes me realize that life is really a fleeting moment.

Well, 2012 was a fabulous year, our business turned 10! During the first eight years of our business Paul and I did not treat ourselves with any business abroad for our inspirations and studio time, instead we stayed and worked in Canada and found inspirations from our own country . We worked  every summers with no days off for nine years but we did what we needed to do in order for our business to sustain itself.  2012 was the first year we went abroad for a three week business trip and the first summer that we took a day off a week. Hard work and determination do pay off, but it took many years of sacrifice and self discipline. Looking back I'm glad that Paul and I put our hearts and souls into our business because watching the growth of our business is the most  rewarding thing and now having the chance to travel again is really our dream come true.

Well, Happy New Year everyone! I would also like to thank all of for your support, because of you our progress was made possible. Wishing you a year of good health and may you live an authentic life of your dreams.

The Painting shown above depicts what it takes to build a dream. If you wish to read the story please click here: http://www.artrushgallery.com/castles-in-the-sky-story.html