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I create lyrical worlds, where tribulations are perceived with inspiring humor, fetishes embraced with open arms, thoughts are symbolic, dreams are always infinite, and an ideal world is possible. In many ways, my paintings compose a diary of my everyday life and aspirations, expressing fears and joys that are personal but, at the same time, universal to the current consciousness.

Friday, July 30, 2010

" Courage " inspired by Bonnie Gilles

As some of you already know that most of my works are about my life experiences and pretty much a diary of my life. Although at times, a story comes by and I simply can't resist but paint the image that is inspired by a certain person and her story. This particular painting is named Courage ( painting above ), she is inspired by a girl named Bonnie.
A couple years ago I met Bonnie at my Art Rush Gallery, Bonnie seemed lost at that time and was intrigued by my work. She was quite enthralled with my Metamorphose and Becoming paintings, which are about the power of our minds. The stories explained that if we learn to master our minds we can recreate ourselves over and over again and that we should always focus on the joy instead of the fears. Bonnie bought a couple cards that day and went home. A few months later, I received a heart felt letter from Bonnie that says" How you have changed my life", Bonnie explained with much sensitivity how her old life wasn't serving her well anymore and after meditating on the cards that she has brought home, she abandoned her familiarity and explored her new world with courage and determination. Furthermore, she regained her strength and found true happiness.
I was amazed on how a person that I met for five minutes could inspire me like the way she did. I guess we both inspired each other, her with my art work and me with her courage. Hence Courage was painted, after the painting is completed I emailed Bonnie and told her about how she has inspired me as well. We met up that summer and became friends. Since the original of Courage was sold before she had the chance to see it, Bonnie bought the limited edition print of Courage instead, and seemingly happy with it. I am so glad that Bonnie and I met because she is very much like a soul sister, she is kind and gentle on the outside but she has a mighty heart that is so courageous and open. I believe a heart like hers can only attract good things in her life.
Painting above is called "Becoming" to read the story please click here

Now, a little about the girl that inspired me, Bonnie is originally from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. She moved to Williams Lake, British Columbia about two and a half years ago. Nomadic life style was her way of life, although after discovering British Columbia she fell in love with the nature of the place and it brought back memories of riding horses in a childhood. Since she is a lover of nature and the energy that it provides, setting her roots here in British Columbia was the ultimate and most natural thing for her to do. After a long and difficult moment of metamorphosing, Bonnie bought a horse and developed her skills as a rider. Bonnie devoted her love to the joy of riding and became a rodeo star. The stars are definitely with her during her moment of transition she met many wonderful friends and became enlightened by life and love. If you wish to know more about Bonnie , please visit her blog, she is an amazing writer and I believe she definitely has a future in story telling and recording her life journey with humour and heart.
Here are some pictures of Bonnie and her horse and Bonnie and I in my gallery.

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