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I create lyrical worlds, where tribulations are perceived with inspiring humor, fetishes embraced with open arms, thoughts are symbolic, dreams are always infinite, and an ideal world is possible. In many ways, my paintings compose a diary of my everyday life and aspirations, expressing fears and joys that are personal but, at the same time, universal to the current consciousness.

Friday, February 22, 2013

This Elephant stole my Heart

This is my elephant that I adopted for a day. Her name is Lucky, here she is giving me a hug. I love her so much and she stole my heart just like Thailand did.

 I just came back from a business trip with my best friend and husband, Paul. This year we went to Thailand. We made some great contacts with local artists and got to experience a few amazing adventures to add into our inspirations for work.

I came back home from Thailand wanting to relive the experience over and over again. It is definitely a country that made me feel conflicted inside, on one hand it made me appreciate what I have here but on the other hand it made me feel that life should be lived just like the Thais do, it's hard but real and no matter how crazy the cities of Thailand are the Thais always have a genuine smile for you and the connection is always there.

One of my inspirations for my 2013 art work will definitely have to be my experience at Patara Elephant Farm where I met Lucky,  I was her Mahood for the day. I got to feed her, which by the way made me her instant best friend hence the "hug". Ben the Vet of Patara Elephant Farm taught me how to check my elephant's health, I got to wash and swim with her and got to ride her through the forest. When the day is over I only wished I could do it all over again. I have always loved elephants which is apparent in my work but now I love them even more. If you get a chance to visit Thailand please do check out the Patara Elephant Farm. I'll keep you posted when Lucky showed up on my Canvas.

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  1. I love these pics of you and Lucky. What an experience.