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I create lyrical worlds, where tribulations are perceived with inspiring humor, fetishes embraced with open arms, thoughts are symbolic, dreams are always infinite, and an ideal world is possible. In many ways, my paintings compose a diary of my everyday life and aspirations, expressing fears and joys that are personal but, at the same time, universal to the current consciousness.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art for the New Year

Guidance by Ting Yuen

My work is taking new turns and twists for the new year. Last year, before my move to Nelson, I did three landscape paintings which are not on line yet because I am still trying to catch up with the move and changes. Yikes! But alas I am semi caught up and to end 2013 one of my landscape paintings was sold on the last day of the year. For 2014, I am planning to do more landscape paintings in assorted formats making them affordable for anyone that loves to own an original of mine.

My signature styles of Dreamscapes will continue as well, I got quite a few sketched out already and am awaiting patiently to start my new collection. Next week I have a date with my Studio and planning to have many dates with my Studio from that day onward.

Operating a gallery and creating art can be such a juggle, they both need so much love and attention, sometimes I do feel quite torn, juggling and trying to find balance for my personal life as well. Impossible?? Nah, not in my vocabulary, I just have to get up earlier and do more.

This post I have chosen Guidance as my companion painting because she symbolizes my Higher Self that assists me in my art, I look forward to reacquaint with her and hope to draw from her inspirational well endlessly and am grateful to have Guidance as my forever muse. 

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